Curbside Gamer is your ultimate gaming mobile theatre!

We bring our 36-foot vintage motorhome converted into a mobile gaming emporium right to your curb!

Our state of the art zombie-fighting, bug-out, vampire-slaying battle vehicle is a fortress for all your gamming entertainment needs. We are fully climate-controlled for any season.

Whether for birthday parties, graduations, bachelor parties, fundraisers, corporate events or any special occasion you might have, we have you covered.

We can customize your experience with a multi-system platform, one gaming console type, the newest and latest systems available or a vintage/retro gaming theme party. We also have more than 800 video games to choose from to play on our HDTVs.

We have everything from retro Xbox to the latest Xbox system, PlayStation consoles ranging from PS1 to the PS4 Pro. Want both? Sure, we’ve got your back. We can even throw in a few Wii, Wii U or Wii Switch.

Want a movie party? Have all your friends watch the same movie on our seven HD screens.

Once we arrive our trained and knowledgeable staff will have your session up and running quickly. After your gaming adventure is over the megaton RV of fun leaves and takes all the mess with it. What is simpler than not having to clean up after the party?

We pride ourselves on offering an experience you won’t easily forget, so book your party or special event today and see what we are all about.

Not sure what you want? Email us and we will assist you.

We also offer movie theatre popcorn and drinks. Please enquire.